After completing a three-year contract at USP and signing on for another, Peter was entitled to a sabbatical and a visit home. We decided to put the two together, visit our families in England and the Netherlands, then visit the University of Hawai'i, Hilo. We have included one or two tips for travellers that guide books may miss. The trip started in December 2002.

Findhorn in Scotland - Having lived in Findhorn for more than a decade, I like to visit friends there and see how it is evolving as an eco-village.

Cambridge in England - A quick cold visit to Cambridge. We enjoyed the old buildings and history there.

Family Visit in Holland - During the Christmas period, ice skating and lighting fireworks at New Years with the family.

Holiday in Hawai'i - My favourite place in the world, this is a detailed account of my 7th visit to the islands.