Scotland is mainly known for its wreck diving, particularly the world class Scapa Flow in the Orkneys. However, the underwater naturalist will also find the diving much of interest, particularly in the seas around the west of Scotland. I hope the following will help people who intend to scuba dive in and around the area.

Information on Scotland

Scottish sub-aqua club - Publishes a magazine called Scottish diver which has adverts from 10s if not a hundred charter boats in and around Scotland.

Grampian Branch - Of the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club.

Places to Stay

Findhorn Bay Holiday Park - Located in northeast Scotland on the Moray Firth. Friendly people, good location.


Beneath British Seas (Diving guides) by Alan James.

Philip's Guide to Seashores and Shallow Seas of Britain and Europe (Philip's Reference) by Andrew Campbell.

Under Northern Seas by Linda Pitkin