Mairi Bhan - The "Ghost Wreck"

Hilma Hooker - The Transformation of a Drug Smuggler


The warm tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea, spans a radius of almost 1063 000 square miles. This famous body of water paints the most beautiful blue and turquoise shades of color, encased by idyllic white sand beaches on in its numerous islands which surround their often crystal clear shallow waters. Underneath these waters we find a very contrasting color, one filled with eerie mystery, often intertwined with a tragic story but also a glimpse into a very fascinating past, Shipwrecks!

The tropical shipwrecks scattered underneath the Caribbean Sea, tells so many intriguing stories, some of which are shrouded in mystery and mythology. These underwater skeletons end up turning into artificial reefs, creating new nesting grounds with which to house marine life. They also have a very deep, often fascinating story of historical value tied to it which inspires adventurous divers or avid fans of history to take the plunge to visit these sites.

Shipwrecks in the Caribbean cover a great deal of eras and history of the region, from the canoes of the first Native American inhabitants, through the ships from the arrival of the first European settlers on their voyage to the New World, hidden shipwrecks of the Buccaneers from the Golden Age of Piracy, through the remains of warships from WW II and to recent calamities from the 21st century, along with purposefully sunk ships that were orchestrated for the purposes of artificial reef creation. The underwater world of tropical shipwrecks in the Caribbean, accompanied by each of their individual past stories, remain as colorful as the fish that now inhabit them. They can also be very important parts of a larger historical puzzle for archaeologists and are as enticing to the intrepid diver as the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters is for the vacationer.

Bonaire has its own unique set of shipwrecks from international known attractions for divers to some of the lesser known sites that can be uncovered by the local dive operators, all which form part of the puzzle of the greater historical web of Caribbean shipwrecks. We have taken the time to list a few (Above) which you can use to plan out your next Bonairian dive itinerary.