Bonaire Gardening

Conservation Bonaire - Take a look at the effects of conservation on Bonaire with guardian of nature Hans Voerman and his Ecolodge.

Edshel's Plant Nursery - Discover a little treasure on Bonaire, Edshel's plant nursery which is run in the Bonairean way and free of chemicals.

GreenLabel Bonaire - An article about the owner of GreenLabel, the largest garden centre on Bonaire.

Native Gardening on Bonaire - How to create a native garden on Bonaire form scratch and information about the moringa tree.

Onnie's Farm - See how Onnie single handedly runs a farm with the difficult climate of Bonaire on a low budget.

The Plant Rescuer - Norma a gardener of Jamaican descent shares her gardening passion and love of Ackee the national fruit of Jamaica.

The Yucca - the Ideal Plant for Semi-Arid Gardening

Un Jardin français - Take a tour of Suzel Baraton's French influenced organic garden and delicious homemade products such as jams.

General Gardening

Zen Gardening - 4 Essential Tricks for Designing the Perfect Zen Garden