Bourreria succulenta

Common name: Watakeli, Bahama Strongbark

Height: 7 to 8 metres

Features: Abundant fragrant white flowers, orange/red berries, drooping branches that if unmaintained come back to ground level.

Bourreria succulenta Berries

Bourreria succulenta Flowers

Propagation: Very difficult from seed but finding volunteers around base or digging out suckers.

Growing: Once established doesn't need much water.

Location: A largish tree so give it space but put it somewhere you can see as it attracts so much wildlife.  Maybe not above gravel as it drops so many berries.

Bourreria succulenta Bark

This is such an underrated tree.  It is one of the trees that grows naturally on Bonaire and it is extremely drought tolerant.  It has beautiful dark green foliage (when it has water) and blooms profusely a few times a year which attracts a whole host of pollinators and birds. The flowers smell delicious. On Bonaire these include bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Afterwards the berries provide food for many birds including the Bonaire Yellow Shouldered Amazon Parrot if you’re lucky!  It also has arching branches and makes a great shade tree to sit under.

Watakeli with Prikichi