Native trees & plants of Bonaire

Bourreria succulenta, Watakeli - This is such an underrated tree.  It is one of the trees that grows naturally on Bonaire and it is extremely drought tolerant.

Crescentia cujete, Kalabas di Mondi - The branches point in all directions, the flowers and fruits grow directly on the branches. The pollination is done by bats

Cynophalla flexuos, Stoki - A bush or tree with showy white or pink flowers, fragrant at night, it provides food for birds.

Guaiacum sanctum, Wayaka Shimaron - A endangered beautiful tree which produces attractive blue flowers. It grows naturally in dry forest.

Guaiacum officinale, Wayaka - Especially in and around Kralendijk you will see this endangered evergreen tree. Even with sever drought it will keep it leaves. It blooms profusely a few times a year which attracts a whole host of pollinators and birds.

Haematoxylon brasiletto, Brazil - Brazil tree locally called “Palu di brasil”. The dyewood, or Brazil wood tree (Haematoxylon brasiletto), has a distinctive, twisted shape and a deeply grooved trunk.

Manihot carthaginensis, Marihuri - A rare species wich grows on limestone. In former times the seeds were used to make lamp oil.

Myrmecophila humboldtii, species of orchid - Pseudobulbs with fragrant, long-lasting lovely flowers. This species is often found in conjuction with ants and may benefit from their presence.

Quadrella indica, Oliba Machu - A beautiful evergreen. It blooms abundantly with fragrant white flowers.

Ximenia americana, Kashu di Monde - A small sprawling tree of woodlands native to the Bonaire. Leaves are oval shaped, bright green and have a strong smell of almonds. Flowers are pale in color.

Zanthoxylum flavum, Kalahari - It is threatened by habitat loss.  A beautiful but slow growing tree. Pollination is probably from bees, and the seeds are thought to be dispersed by birds and bats as with the closely related species.

Other trees & plants of Bonaire

Moringa oleifera, Tree of Life - Known as the ‘Tree of Life,’ the Moringa seems to be attracting a lot of attention lately. It’s really a wonder tree and one of the most important in the world.