Native trees & plants of Bonaire

Bourreria succulenta, Watakeli - This is such an underrated tree.  It is one of the trees that grows naturally on Bonaire and it is extremely drought tolerant.

Crescentia cujete, Kalabas di Mondi - The branches point in all directions, the flowers and fruits grow directly on the branches. The pollination is done by bats

Cynophalla flexuos, Stoki - A bush or tree with showy white or pink flowers, fragrant at night, it provides food for birds.

Guaiacum sanctum, Wayaka Shimaron - A endangered beautiful tree which produces attractive blue flowers. It grows naturally in dry forest.

Guaiacum officinale, Wayaka - Especially in and around Kralendijk you will see this endangered evergreen tree. Even with sever drought it will keep it leaves. It blooms profusely a few times a year which attracts a whole host of pollinators and birds.

Haematoxylon brasiletto, Brazil - Brazil tree locally called “Palu di brasil”. The dyewood, or Brazil wood tree (Haematoxylon brasiletto), has a distinctive, twisted shape and a deeply grooved trunk.

Manihot carthaginensis, Marihuri - A rare species wich grows on limestone. In former times the seeds were used to make lamp oil.

Myrmecophila humboldtii, species of orchid - Pseudobulbs with fragrant, long-lasting lovely flowers. This species is often found in conjuction with ants and may benefit from their presence.

Quadrella indica, Oliba Machu - A beautiful evergreen. It blooms abundantly with fragrant white flowers.

Ximenia americana, Kashu di Monde - A small sprawling tree of woodlands native to the Bonaire. Leaves are oval shaped, bright green and have a strong smell of almonds. Flowers are pale in color.

Zanthoxylum flavum, Kalahari - It is threatened by habitat loss.  A beautiful but slow growing tree. Pollination is probably from bees, and the seeds are thought to be dispersed by birds and bats as with the closely related species.

Kibrahacha Tree, Tabebuia Billbergi - A very special tree found in Bonaire and the neighboring ABC islands. When just the right conditions are met it will bloom the most beautiful yellow flowers.

Other trees & plants of Bonaire

Moringa oleifera, Tree of Life - Known as the ‘Tree of Life,’ the Moringa seems to be attracting a lot of attention lately. It’s really a wonder tree and one of the most important in the world.