Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish - Read about Marijke & Clark's involvement in helping with the identification of a new species of jellyfish Tamoya ohboya as well as lots of interesting information on the strange world of jellyfish.

Coral Bleaching - A small project on describing Coral Bleaching and 25 ways to prevent Coral Bleaching.

Dolphins on Bonaire - Read about the two species of dolphins commonly seen around its shores: Bottlenose and Spinner Dolphins

Marine Pollution: Human and Domestic Wastes - This is a paper Marijke wrote on the serious problems human and domestic wastes cause to the marine environment . It describes the magnitude of the problems in the Pacific and explains how the pollutants affect the pH, the salinity of the seawater and marine resources. Several possible solutions to this pollution problem are also discussed.

Marine Sea Turtles Bonaire - An article on the marine sea turtles of Bonaire (Caribbean Netherlands), general facts on turtles and a collection of our favorite pictures over the last 25 years.

Survival of an Ocean Species - A steady decline in healthy coral reefs has seen the number of fish species drop in the last twenty five years. This video explores some of the causes and looks closely at one species to see how it has adapted for survival.

Useful Resources - Useful and interesting resources about coral reefs and marine life such as sharks, turtles and seahorses. Both links to online sources and books.