Bonaire's unique location off the Venezuelan coast attracts migratory birds in transit between North and South America. Bird watchers can also observe various species only found in this part of the Caribbean, such as the yellow-shouldered parrot. Bonaire officially has over 200 species of birds that have been sighted here which can be divided into three categories Shorebirds, Seabirds and Landbirds.


Bonaires' Pink American Flamingo has become a national symbol of the island and can be easily seen in three distinct locations, on the southern end of the island at the Pekelmeer Sanctuary, Goto Meer or at the island's salt ponds in the national park.  The local "Lora" or the yellow-shouldered amazon parrot along with the Caribbean Parakeet or two tropical birds which can only be found on the island of Bonaire. The island has become a vital breeding ground for the preservation of these species, thankfully the "Lora" is now protected from capture by the International Treaty. 


For more information on a few of the classic bird species that Bonaire has to offer you can follow this link to the Bonaire Backyard Birding Guide setup by our official Bonaire information site.


Bonaire has also become part of the Caribbean Birding Trail, which is a wonderful initiative in the Caribbean, which equips local guides with knowledge regarding the island's birds and habitats to be able to share with both Locals and Foreign visitors. 

For a local guide, you can contact Elsmarie Beukenboom [Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cell : +599 786 6016] With her local knowledge, Elsmarie can guide those interested in birding sites, and also, while travelling, impart information about the nature, culture and history of Bonaire.